I had to treat myself after a stressful (and painful) morning, thus I went to visit Zucré, which, a friend of mine suggested. It’s more of a pastry shop than a cafe, and they serve really good food for a really affordable price.

Their cakes and frappes are priced around P70-P90. They also serve meals like lasagna, pastas, etc. for around the same price range. Crazy, right? And it’s so delicious and filling.

Good interior, good food, good service. Definitely A+!

Zucré is located in the second floor of City Time Square.

Hi guys! I have decided to make legit-ish blog posts and try to make this blog more food/travel/art-inclined. So, posts will be more properly written, etc etc.

All other photos are dumped in my photo blog and/or Instagram. (I’m so OC that I like organizing my social media accounts. Ugh)

Have a nice Sunday!

Many cafes have been mushrooming everywhere and it’s become a challenge for the newbies to come up with a new theme and vibe to stand out. A few days ago, my friends and I visited a newly-opened ‘maid and butler cafe’, just a short walking distance from our school, called Tomo Cafe.

It’s mostly catered to anime lovers (as you can see on their Facebook page), thus the maid and butler theme that their servers wear - which is kawaii! (That’s coming from a non-anime lover like me.)

I got iced caramel macchiato which, for me, had just the right punch of espresso and a touch of caramel. The brownie cupcake also suited my taste buds since it’s brownie.

The interior is really cute and cozy with tables and chairs or couches that you can choose from. We prefer staying outdoors though because, why not?

Definitely worth a try!

Tomo Cafe is located in Nasipit, Talamban, Cebu City; near University of San Carlos-Talamban Campus and Family Park.

A month ago (say hi to a super late post), my friends and I went to Dolce, a very lovely cafe with an amazing view of the city.

I really enjoyed my Strawberry Caramello shake which tastes soooo good. I forgot what my friends got but they all taste good as well (although, bias aside, mine was the best). So definitely try it when you visit there. We also shared a slice of smores cake which I didn’t enjoy as much.

The interior is A+. It’s a perfect place for dates and all those lovey-dovey stuffs like Valentine’s, monthsaries, etc. It’s also a good place to chill with friends, especially outdoors where we lied down and just settled down like it’s our own backyard lounge.

The food, for me, is quite overpriced yet the overlooking view and good interior compensates for it.

Located in Nivel Hills, Lahug. Beside Anzani’s.

With the intention of going to the mall for all professional reasons (lol, not really), Blue Bell accidentally caught our eyes. And, of course, we just can’t say no.

Blue Bell Ice Cream launched a couple of months ago here in Cebu, yet I really didn’t know where they’re selling it. And since I haven’t been going to the malls lately (because most of my adventures are into nature), I only recently found one branch.

Somewhere in SM Northwing, Texas Creamery sells Blue Bell Ice Cream for P250/pint, which my friends and I shared (that I can honestly devour all by myself). They also sell them in scoops at quite reasonable prices. I am yet to try their ice cream sandwich that I forgot they had until my wallet’s empty. Hu.